Friday, February 24, 2006

The War is not Ending

"The attack on the Golden Mosque, considered one of the holiest of Shiite sites, has triggered Shiite reprisals across Iraq, including the killings of Sunnis, attacks on their mosques and institutions, and mass protests. At least 132 people have been killed; 87 bodies have been found in Baghdad alone.

The bodies of another 26 men were found across Baghdad on Friday, police said. It was not clear if the bodies were related to the ongoing violence or if they were included among the 87 bodies that have been found in Baghdad thus far.[source: CNN] "
Anybody who says that the war is almost over is misinformed. Mass murders across the country is not a sign of domestic stability.
"In Washington on Friday, President Bush reiterated appeals for unity and restraint, calling the attack on the Golden Mosque 'an affront to people of faith around the world.'"
I'd call it an affront to people without faith also- I don't think the retaliations are only aimed on the faithful. Don't forget the 132+ dead across Iraq. But I like your use of the word 'affront'- very clever-sounding.

You're welcome.

Wait- who's idea was it to invade this place again? Oh, yeah. Never mind.

Mission Accomplished? Yeah, right.

P.S. Now that I'm back in the loop, expect another longer essay this weekend. Now that I've written it here I won't be as inclined to slack off.


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Good post, and it seems that you're slacking off =)

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