Monday, September 19, 2005

Police Break Up Sheehan Rally

Not positive that this actually happened, but I had to post it anyway:
read about it here, here, and here. (Thanks to UTI for the links 1 & 3)

So... police forcibly remove Sheehan from speaking at Union Square in New York. As far as I can tell, she didn't break any laws, or anything like that. Any ideas why the police would do this? Normally I would point fingers at Bush or New York's republican mayor, but I don't want to jump to any conclusions here.

More later as the story develops.

UPDATE: 9/20:

Okay, it's official. Apparently, they didn't have permits to use a microphone in Union Square.

Is that justification for forcibly breaking up a rally and arresting someone? That's right, the event co-ordinator was arrested for not having the proper permits to use a microphone in public.

Police shouldn't respond with violence to something as simple as no permit for a microphone, especially when the person was speaking out against violence.


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